Stages of cognitive development according to Jean Piaget


  • Samah Hamza Ibrahim University of Kufa - College of Arts
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Hussein Hamza Shaheed University of Kufa - College of Arts



Piaget, Mental development, Knowledge, Cognitive growth, Child


Piaget believed that children play an active role in the learning process, acting like little scientists as they conduct experiments, make observations, and learn about the world. As children interact with the world around them, they are constantly adding new knowledge, building on existing knowledge, and adapting previously existing ideas to accommodate new information. He said that intelligence is something that grows and develops through a series of stages. He also said that older children do not think faster than younger children. There are qualitative and quantitative differences between the thinking of young children and older children. Based on his observations, he concluded that children are not less intelligent than adults, but rather think differently. Albert Einstein described Piaget's discovery as simple, only a genius could think of it


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Ibrahim, Samah, and Hussein Shaheed. “Stages of Cognitive Development According to Jean Piaget”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 45, Oct. 2021, pp. 151-70, doi:10.36317/kaj/2020/v1.i45.1732.

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