Object Detection and Recognition Using Local Quadrant Pattern


  • Asaad Hashim Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics University of Kufa
  • Hassan Mahdi Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics University of Kufa




Local Quadrant Pattern (LQP), Object Detection, Threshold , Local Ternary Pattern (LTP) , Skin , Cancer


Object detection and recognition is one of the important techniques in computer vision for searching and scanning and identifying an object in images or videos. Object detection and recognition enters into many important fields where one of the uses of object detection and recognition is to detect region of injury and determine the type of injury. This paper suggested a new effective method called Local Quadrant Pattern (LQP). The proposed method uses a window and passes it on all pixels of the image and uses the pixel direction to arrange the adjacent pixels. It also uses four code values to encode and then produce a texture feature matrix which is used to detect objects as well as extract features based on magnitude of pixels for image classification. The experiments were conducted on the infected regions in the skin and the results showed the ability of the method to detect regions of infection as well as the high accuracy in the classification of those regions.


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