The effect of the threshold function for design feed forward neural network for solving Partial differential equations


  • Dr.Khalid. Mindeel. M Al-Abrahemee sity of AL-Qadisiyha



partial differential equations, , Artificial neural network, Levenbrg- Marquardt training., feed forward neural network


In this paper we disperse the outcome of threshold functions for designate feed forward neural network for solution partial differential equationsâ€. “We utility a multi-layer network having one hidden layer with 7 hidden units (neurons) and one linear output unit with different of threshold function of each unit are logsig , tansig, purelin, tribas and hardlim and use Levenberg – Marquardt (trainlm) training algorithmic ruleâ€. Finally the terminate of numerical experience are compare to with the true solution in illustrative examples to ratify the precision and effectiveness of the immediate plan


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