Lebesgue Measurable Function In Fractional Differential Equations


  • Sabah Mahmood Shaker Al_Mustansiriya University




Ordinary Differential Equations, Lebesgue Measurable Function , Fractional Differential Equations.


Bassam, M.A. [1], proved some existence and uniqueness theorems for the following fractional linear differential equation.


With the initial conditions


Where a<x<b, 0< a£1, mk are real numbers, k=1,2,…,n,   pi(x) , F(x)  are continuous functions defined on (a,b) such that p0(x)≠0, i=0,1…,n and y[(n-i) α] denotes the fractional derivative of order (n-i)α  for the function  y.

In this work we prove some theorems for equation (1), however for α=1. Equation (1) is an ordinary differential equation of order n, therefore all the theorems proved here will be reduced to well known result in the theory of ordinary differential equations. Moreover,

We give some examples and an application for equation (1).


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