Gabor Wavelet Transform in Image Compression


  • Ali Hassan Al-Fayadh University of Kufa
  • Hind Rostom Mohammed University of Kufa
  • Raghad Sahib Al-shimsah University of Kufa



Gabor wavelet , JPEG2000, compression, milt-resolution, , miltorientation.


In the present paper, an important mathematical transform which is called Gabor transform be used to develop a method for image compression. Gabor transform is a type of wavelet-based transform. It is embedded in the standard compression algorithm (JPEG2000) as a mother wavelet. Based on the obtained results we believe that Gabor wavelet transform can provide the optimal resolution in both the time and frequency domains, as well as it seems to be the optimal basis to extract local features such as discontinuities. These advantages of Gabor wavelet transform make it an efficient transform for compression.  The proposed compression system is a new approach that achieves a high compression ratio with acceptable visual quality by exploiting the advantages of Gabor wavelets .The simulation results show that the proposed model gives a good compression images that could be competitive to JPEG2000 using Haar wavelet.


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Al-Fayadh, A. H., Mohammed, H. R., & Al-shimsah, R. S. (2012). Gabor Wavelet Transform in Image Compression. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 1(6), 107–113.

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