Monte Carlo Simulation and Applications


  • Abd Al Kareem I Sheet Univ. of Mosul
  • Nadia Adeel Saeed Univ. of Mosul



Monte Carlo, Markov Renewal Process, simulation


The Monte Carlo simulation technique is one of the common computational tools used to imitate and follow up complex real life systems and their development with time. Variables of a disease problem were defined and the mathematical model for this problem was constructed. The numerical solution of this model was compared with the computational simulation of  Markov Renewal Process of the type '' Birth and Death ''. We obvious from the results we obtained the efficiency of the Monte Carlo simulation technique and through out extended time periods episodes. 


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Sheet, A. A. K. I., & Saeed, N. A. (2012). Monte Carlo Simulation and Applications. Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer, 1(6), 75–78.

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