Employing renewable energy models in planning university buildings


  • a.m.d. Samer Hadi Kazem University of Kufa / College of Urban Planning
  • Researcher Huda Ahmed Tohme University of Kufa / College of Urban Planning




Employment, planning, renewable energy, university buildings


 The research refers to the use of one of the types of renewable energy that is solar energy and the possibility of using it in generating electricity to the University of Kufa, where the research indicated a problem in the reality of the case and it was a question that solar energy projects can preserve and sustain the environment? And is there an economic advantage compared to energy sources generated from fossil fuels? Because the University of Kufa is one of the first Iraqi universities that experienced sustainability and used solar renewable energy in its corridors, it was important to study it in order to advance to its sustainability in the field of energy.

It was found from the feasibility study in terms of cost, age of the system and its location in the University of Kufa, that it is the right place for installing solar systems because many electric towers are located inside the university and it is easy to connect them to the network and also provide the neighboring neighborhoods with electrical energy. Thus, it is a support and backing for the national electricity grid.


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