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A quarterly scientific journal issued by the Center for Kufa Studies - University of Kufa and is interested in scientific and humanitarian research together, because the Center for Kufa Studies specializes in humanities and scientific sciences and seeks to solve the problems faced by society, as the magazine is divided into five sections: Quranic and jurisprudential studies, linguistic and literary studies, legal, political and economic studies, historical and geographical studies, and continuing education, including applied and field studies. Date of the first issue of the year 2004 Number of issues published in year 4 The number of issues released during the period from 2004 to June 2023  is 69 issues. The magazine is published in Arabic and English.

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Vol. 2 No. 69 (2023): Proceedings of the twenty-first international scientific conference of the Kufa Studies Center under the title (Memory of the Popular Mobilization Forces and Community Security, the Duality of Life and Building) - a special issue on March 27-28, 2022 AD
					View Vol. 2 No. 69 (2023): Proceedings of the twenty-first international scientific conference of the Kufa Studies Center under the title (Memory of the Popular Mobilization Forces and Community Security, the Duality of Life and Building) - a special issue on March 27-28, 2022 AD

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Conference Recommendations

When the Marjaiya announced on June 13, 2014  its historic fatwa for the efficient defense of Iraq,  its people and its  sanctities, that fatwa received a wide response  from the sons of Iraq, young and old, who were ready to sacrifice their lives in order to protect the people and their sanctities, and these deserve from everyone all the care and attention, that the heroic fighters of our armed forces and the Popular Mobilization put their lives on their shoulders in the fight against Daesh terrorism andwrotebright pages. One of the  epics of sacrifice, redemption and longevity,  in order to rid our beloved Iraq of the evil and  desecration of the terrorist gangs of ISIS, so the  national,  legitimate and moral officials require that they appreciate andpay a high price for the sacrifices of these heroes, the necessity requires the   preservation of this spotless history through documentation of all parts of the events for fear From  its distortion and falsification, proceeding from the recommendations of the Supreme Reference  to the need to document "all the events in that fateful battle and record them because it is an honorable history for the fighters and their families and their country, if they do not write it with their hands, it will be written by the hands of others and it will be confused and discredited ...", so the Kufa Studies Center has undertaken this national scientific mission and under the auspices of the Holy Alawite Shrine and in cooperation with the Popular Mobilization Office in Najaf by holding its scientific conference (the memory of the Popular Mobilization and the motherSociety is the duality of life and construction) within the activities of the festival (Fatwa of Jihad Kafa'i in Iraqi memory).

We were honored by the participation of a large number of researchers from inside and outside Iraq, asit reached the Preparatory Committee (94) scientific research distributed  on the various axes of the conference, and after that research was subjected to scientific evaluation from specialized professors, approval was obtained to accept (7  7) scientific research from various Iraqi universities and research centers, in addition to scientific contributions from outside Iraq from Lebanon, Iran and Britain,  Theresearch included a set of recommendations, which we briefly mention:

First: The conferees recommend the  concerned authorities to honor the families of the martyrs, the wounded and those affected by the war with material and moral matters and to follow up the legal procedures in support of this sacrificial segment.  

Second: The conferees recommend the inclusion of the national values expressed by the Iraqi people in response to the fatwa of efficient defense in the various school curricula: such as volunteer regiments, young and old, heroism of fighters, great sacrifices, solidarity of the world, and logistical support campaigns.

Calling on thehigher authorities responsible to support the centers of studies  and scientific research to carry out the process of documenting this pivotal stage in the  history of Iraq, through the establishment of scientific conferences, seminars, bulletins, and encyclopedias that document the mass cohesion of Iraqis.

Fourth: Encouraging writers and artiststo hold various events such as literary festivals, art exhibitions, plays, films and series that preserve the strong emotions, noble feelings and fateful cohesion of Iraqis at that difficult stage.

Fifth: Calling on the responsible authorities to make the anniversary of the fatwa of efficient defense aday to remember the popular rush to volunteer for the sake of the world in response to the call of the Supreme Authority in defense of the show and the homeland and to  devote the national visual, audio and written media to its various programs to commemorate this anniversary in the hearts of Iraqis.

SaadSa: Establishing private museums and memorials in some important centers in Iraqi cities to promote national values in Iraqi memory.

Published: 2023-08-21

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