Publication Fees

Fees for publication in the Journal of the Kufa Studies Center for each research (20 papers), according to the researchers’ scientific titles, are as follows:

1 - The title of assistant Lecturer (60,000 Iraqi dinars)

2 - Lecturer title (60,000 Iraqi dinars)

3 - The title of assistant professor (75,000 Iraqi dinars)

4 - The title of Professor (90,000 Iraqi dinars)

Note 1: The price of the increase per page (3000 Iraqi dinars)

Note 2: The joint research takes publication fees according to the researcher's highest title

Note 3: The fees for publishing the research are received during the delivery of the research for the purpose of deducting the wages of the evaluators from it with the publication of the research if it is accepted.

Note 4: Fees for publishing research from outside Iraq ($100) and the amount is sent via the western union to  (osamah adil mohammed baqer al-shammaa) and through Al-Taif Islamic Bank, Najaf branch exclusively, in the event of sending the amount and the amount code Your search is sent to the calendar.

Note 5: Fees for the full issue of the Kufa Studies Center magazine (15000 Iraqi dinars).

Note 6: The fees for printing abstracts for one search (5000 Iraqi dinars).

Note 7: The fees for electronic extraction of the research or thesis (10,000 Iraqi dinars).

As for the method of payment, it will be directly by paying the publication fees to the Accounts Division  University of Kufa / kufa studies center

Bank payment policy will be available soon.