The Archaeological Museum of Bologna and The Temporary Exhibition "Family Portraits": a Museum Facing Its Own History


  • Riyam Hussein Abed University of Kufa - Faculty of Archaeology
  • Laura Minarini Museum Civico Archaeologico of Bologna.


Museum, Bologna, Italy, Collections, Exhibition, Temporary


The research discussed the new exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Bologna, which was closed for 18 months due to maintenance work on the roof of the building. Despite the ongoing maintenance works. The exhibition was opened on the first floor after it was finished. The temporary exhibition was called “ The Archaeological Museum of Bologna and the Temporary Exhibition “ Family Portraits “ a Museum Facing Its Own History”, which was opened on February 19, 2018. This exhibition shows the personalities and collections the donated. Which influenced the history of Bologna city and established its archaeological museum.

The staff of exhibition used special character methods, even if they were simple, but have their own art,. Which added fan and ease to the visitors, so the visitors acquaint not confine limit with the archaeological collections, but also on the photographs and history of important figures in the history of city and the country, each of them  place with artifacts collection that donated to the museum, which was initially founded be collections donated by group of people. So the exhibition immortalizes these figures and presented the history of the Archaeological Museum of Bologna. The exhibition was not limited to persons with part of its collections, but the staff of museum also to divide the halls according to historical times. They gave each age a certain color, to be easy for visitor to know in any historical era look.  


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Abed, R., and L. Minarini. “The Archaeological Museum of Bologna and The Temporary Exhibition ‘Family Portraits’: A Museum Facing Its Own History”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 54, Mar. 2023, pp. 673-90,