A Studying of The Effect of Oxidative Stress Among Patients with Atherosclerosis in Al-Najaf City


  • Ban Mahdi Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Kufa University, Iraq
  • furqan audah University of Kufa/ Faculty of Science




Atherosclerosis ,Total antioxidant capacity, Oxidative stress , Free radicals and Insulin resistance


The current study sheds light on the effect of oxidative stress on the development of atherosclerosis. Thirty-eight males and twenty-two females with atherosclerosis were chosen as the patient group, whose samples were collected from the "Open-Heart Unit in Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital in Najaf City". Thirty healthy people who do not suffer from vascular disease, hypertension or diabetes, with similar ageing of patients, were selected as a control group.

       Total antioxidant capacity, Insulin, cholesterol, hemoglobin and platelets were measured in atherosclerosis patients and the control group. The results show a significant increase in full antioxidant capacity, Insulin, cholesterol, haemoglobin and platelets in patients with atherosclerosis compared with the control group; the results also showed a significant increase in hemoglobin and platelet count in males with atherosclerosis compared with females. There is a positive relation between T-AOC and Insulin in atherosclerosis patients, while there is no relationship between T-AOC and both (Hb & PCV) in atherosclerosis patients.


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