Evaluation of the performance efficiency of the General Company for Rubber Products and Tires....Babylon Factory as a model


  • احمد جاسم الياسري
  • فاروق هاني جاسم



 Industrial section plays an important role in supporting the national economy whether in the growing countries or advanced states . If any country want to be a prosperous one , this section must be developed . Iraq is one of the countries who goes through an extraordinary circumstances which threw its shadows on many sections and the industrial is one before 2003 or after it despite all the abilities and the better political situation which should be used in a better way that serves the national industry benefits .

 If we look more carefully to one of the industrial section , transformative industries , we find that it suffer lots of the critical problems especially the State Company for Rubber Industries and Tires . These problems were the inevitable result of the unstable politic in one side and the economic sanction on the other side . Also the random policies, the lack of logical economic vision , that aims at developing different industries which could be one of the most important reasons of Iraqi economic boom as a result of the many factors that makes it the best in the region, contributed in belittle the effectivity of these industries introductions and its disabilities to compete in the local markets.

 So this study comes with an assumption that General Company of Tire and Rubbery Industry has suffered of low production and low income so it needs a financial and economical evaluation according to specific criteria . The evaluation will shed lights on the reasons that drive the company to such a low levels. This study aims at applying that criteria on the company data to show the deviations and defects that can be exceed .

 The study concluded that the company needs a transparent economic policies with a serious governmental support , working according a strategy that can achieve development . The study produces number of results that suits the Iraqi abilities and rise the company efficiency to increase the industrial section income.


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الياسري ا. ج. and جاسم ف. ه. (2022) “Evaluation of the performance efficiency of the General Company for Rubber Products and Tires. Babylon Factory as a model”, Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 17(3), pp. 22–37. Available at: https://journal.uokufa.edu.iq/index.php/ghjec/article/view/10217 (Accessed: 5 December 2022).