Guide for Reviewers

The editor-in-chief of Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences sought to overcome the obstacles and difficulties facing scientific reviewers. Therefore, the editorial board developed a number of matters and observations that the scientific reviewer must follow, which are:

1- The scientific referee must have an account on the magazine’s platform by registering on the platform, and thus he will have an account as a reviewer and author at the same time.
2- The reviewer receives an email via his email address in which he registered on the platform from the editor-in-chief notifying him of his assignment to reviewer the research.
3- Ensure that the title of the research matches its precise scientific specialization or general specialization at the very least
4- Download the research on the electronic device and start reading the research
5- After completing reading the research, the referee begins the process of evaluating the research by filling out the form attached to the letter that he will receive via email from the editor-in-chief.
6- If the reviewer has any other notes, he writes them down on a separate piece of paper and sends them through the platform, as the platform allows the reviewer to attach files of notes, write opinions and corrections to the research, and then re-send the research.
7- After sending the research by the reviewer, he will be notified by email of receipt of the research
8- After receiving the research, the editor-in-chief sends the research and notes to the author, and the latter must fully and literally adhere to all notes and take them into account.
9- After making the corrections and re-sending the research by the author, the editor-in-chief will review the researcher’s commitment to taking notes.