The role of strategic flexibility in reducing strategic shortcomings - an analytical study in the Ministry of Electricity


  • Dr. Walid Abbas Al-Daami University of Kufa / College of Administration and Economics
  • Dr. Haider Hamoudi Al-Zubaidi University of Kufa / College of Administration and Economics
  • M. Dr. Zainab Hadi Al-Sharifi University of Kufa / College of Administration and Economics



strategic flexibility, strategic shortcomings, Ministry of Electricity


The research aims to identify the role of strategic flexibility in its dimensions (directing resources, durability, agility) in reducing the strategic shortcomings in its dimensions (prioritizing resources, conflict of minds, lack of sufficient understanding and participation, lack of leadership). The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity was selected as a community to conduct the research, in a sample size of (136) workers in the upper and middle departments.  The research has tried to answer several questions, including: What is the relationship of strategic flexibility to the strategic shortcomings in the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity?

The research is divided into three sections. The first section dealt with the research methodology. The second section was devoted to presenting and discussing the literature related to the variable (strategic flexibility) and the variable (strategic shortcoming). The third section dealt with presenting the results of testing hypotheses and the research model. The research concluded with the conclusions and recommendations it reached.


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