The critical vision from a cultural perspective in the leadership and innovation phases in Qatar (Dr. Muhammad Kafoud and Noura Al Saad as examples)


  • Prof. Murad Mabrouk Qatar University



the cultural critical- Qatari literature- Contextual Criticism - Critical vision


The critic Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahim Kafoud is a pioneer of the literary criticism movement in Qatar, through his studies that spanned from the seventies of the last century until now. He had a great impact on literary criticism at the level of Qatari, Gulf and Arab region. From the perspective of contextual criticism, his critical studies in these different literary fields are a pioneer in Qatari literature. He founded the Qatari criticism movement that studied short story, novel, poetry, and theater. His works tackled intellectual and cultural aspects such as language and identity, his studies include “Modern Qatari Literature: and” Modern literary criticism in the Arab Gulf, and the diwan of Ahmad Yusuf al-Jaber, study and investigation. These works were published in the early eighties of the last century, then his other critical studies followed, including: “Social issues in Qatari theater” in 1991, “Studies in contemporary Arab poetry.” In the Gulf in 1994, “The Primaries of Literary Criticism in the Gulf” in 1995, “The Short Story in Qatar, Origin and Development” in 1996, “The Problem of Arab Culture between Originality and Contemporary” in 1996, and “Tolerance in Islamic Culture” in 1996. 2003, and theater in Qatar, origin and experience "in 2008, and his critical studies have continued to this day.

Critic Noura Al Saad is one of the most prominent Qatari women writers and is an extension of the developing critical and cultural movement in Qatar in recent decades since the end of the eighties until now. She published a study entitled "Experimentalism in Abd al-Rahman Munif novel ‘Modun Almalh’,  and ‘Sounds of Silence: articles in the story and novel’ in 2005. In 2007, she published her book “The Sun is after me”, which are essays in poetry and criticism.

Then the study revolves around two axes:

  • The first: Dr. Muhammad Kafoud and the contextual critical vision of the generation of pioneers.
  • The second: Noura Al Saad and the cultural critical vision of the second generation.


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Mabrouk, . M. (2021) “The critical vision from a cultural perspective in the leadership and innovation phases in Qatar (Dr. Muhammad Kafoud and Noura Al Saad as examples)”, Journal of Kufa Studies Center, 1(63), pp. 101–144. doi: 10.36322/jksc/0106304.

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