The Role of Television Programs in Reducing the Phenomenon of Financial and Administrative Corruption: An Analytical Study of a Sample of Al-Iraqiya News Channel Programs - Iraqi Media Network


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TV Programmes, Financial and Administrative Corruption, an Analytical Study, Al-Iraqiya News Channel.


The current study is study of a descriptive analytical nature that is conducted by monitoring a group of talk shows presented by Al-Iraqiya News, which deal with issues of financial and administrative corruption in Iraq. The researchers have reviewed the most important experiences on the use of television programs as a means to reduce the phenomenon of corruption, namely the Swedish experience, the Indonesian experience, the Egyptian experience, and then the Iraqi experience.

One of the findings of the research is that the programs under study have little interest in corruption issues compared to other issues, as the percentage of corruption in those programs was 15.3%, while the other issues were 84.7%, and this indicates that these programs are not completely concerned with corruption issues and there are other topics.


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