(Theory of meaning in context is an interpretative approach)


  • Haleem Mousa Kadhim Institute of Fine Arts in Diwaniyha




context, meaning, theory, interpretation, approach


   This research revolves around a theory of meaning, which is the theory of meaning in the context that was able to extract linguistic research from the cloak of the concept of fixed systems and closed format to the world of speech, linguistic use and openness of coordination, so the meaning became a practical approach that was able to break the barrier set by the truth theories in its search for Meaning makes sense Which he adopted after the sign of significance for a while.

   The meaning, with the theory of context, entered a wider world after it crossed the boundaries of language as a social phenomenon and then the socio-cultural pattern became a major source of meaning, and it became cheering (Liechtenstein): (Do not deviate from the meaning, but rather ask about use) Logo for context theory and research (Malinovsky) In the heritage and history of primitive societies a path to(Firth) To establish the theory of the context in which it laid its foundations and became the meaning in it in the context or is a function in a context.

   However, the concept of context has expanded with deliberative and functional studies, as it expanded from this concept until it was almost called deliberative context, based on the influence of context in these studies that gave a wide role to the speaker to formulate the meaning production, and put it in the possession of the recipient as an interpretation, so they can produce and interpret whatever The nature of the meaning Directly or indirectly, the two parties can put the meaning in its context, as they are immersed together in the knowledge background that brings them together in a particular linguistic society.


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