Racism From Pragma-Discoursal Perspective


  • Hasan Hadi Al-Ka'abi University of Kufa- College of Arts
  • Riyadh Mohsen Huwail University of Kufa - Faculty of Dentistry




LRAS= Launching Racism, Act Speech ,MRAS, Maintaining Racism Act Speech, TRAS=Terminating Racism Act, GCD= Grammatical Cohesive, LCD=Lexical Cohesive Devices


The current study tries to approach and analyse racism from a pragma-discoursal perspective. Accordingly the present work seeks to actualize certain aims, the most important  of which are:

1-  Identifying  the pragma-discoursal devices study of racism. 2- Determining  the major pragma-discoursal devices that are utilized for  launching, maintaining and terminating racist discourse. 3-  Scrutinizing  the pragma-discoursal strategies that are employed by racists to actualize their aims. 4-  Investigating   the commonest  pragma-discourses devices and strategies that are utilized in ten  English and Arabic selected Media texts under analysis. 5- Comparing  the differences between ten selected English and Arabic media texts under analysis in terms of the different pragma-discoursal strategies exploited in these texts. 6-   Developing   the eclectic model for the analysis of  the racist discourses  of the English and Arabic selected texts.

The following procedures are adopted to achieve the aims of this work and test its hypotheses : 1- Surveying briefly the relevant literature on the two fields of this study, pragmatics and discourse analysis in terms of the racist discourse in some selected   English and Arabic media texts. 2- Conducting a comparison between the English and Arabic media texts under study. 3- Employing an  eclectic model that is developed in the present study to analyze and scrutinize the selected texts. 4- Calculating the data  of the study by means of certain statistical analytic means.

To realize the aforementioned aims, the hypotheses are tested :

1The findings of this  study aid  the  hypotheses  that are suggested for the pragma-discoursal structure of racism, and  mostly utilized in the launching ,maintaining and terminating  stages of the  racist discourse.


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Al-Ka’abi, Hasan, and Riyadh Huwail. “Racism From Pragma-Discoursal Perspective”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 54, Mar. 2023, pp. 579-96, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i54.11698.

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