About the Journal

Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities was established in 2007 at the College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa. It is an open-access, semi-annual scientific journal that publishes two issues each year. It specializes in publishing original research and articles in various fields of human sciences.

It is one of the  journals recognized for scientific promotion and research support. The journal publishes its research in both Arabic and English. In order to prevent scientific theft in the research it publishes and to ensure the originality of the research, the journal uses the Turnitin program to detect plagiarism, and in reviewing research the journal adopts a double-blind policy where both the researcher and the research evaluator are anonymous to each other in order to achieve transparency in accepting and publishing research.

Indexing and Abstracting: Iraq Academic Scientific Journals (IASJ), Google scholar, Crossref, EBSCO, Arab Citation & Impact Factor "Arcif", LOCKSS, CLOCKSS


Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities aims to publish original research that adheres to the standards of publishing ethics and make it available to those interested and specialists.

The specialized Journal also seeks to publish human studies and research to enrich the Iraqi and Arab library with studies concerned with the reality of the human sciences in its various directions and fields, and emphasizes the following goals:

  • Contributing to the dissemination of culture and the development of human knowledge by publishing solid scientific research according to the standards determined by the journal’s editorial board, in a way that benefits the development and growth of the fields of human and social knowledge.
  • Publishing research and scientific papers in various disciplines of humanities and social sciences.
  • The magazine and its editorial board also aim to direct writers, authors, and researchers towards studying and investigating humanitarian ideas and topics that need in-depth study in the field of humanitarian disciplines.

Giving importance in publishing to research that deals with scientific theses within the scope of human research according to modern methodological mechanisms that rely on the method of analysis and investigation.

  • Providing distinguished research in various fields of human knowledge that serve society and the scientific aspect
  • Contributing to the development and exploration of a number of topics with a contemporary approach, which contributes to the renewal and creativity of realistic cases of thought.

Scope of publication:

Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities welcomes all researchers in all scientific humanities specializations exclusively from Iraq and from Arab and international countries, as it is possible to send research for consideration and for paper and electronic publication. The journal provides its services to researchers through careful evaluation of research and adherence to the specified timings for publishing research, including a list of research Publishable Specializations:
- Educational and Psychological Sciences.
- Social Sciences.
- Humanities (History, Geography, Urban Planning, Philosophy, English Language).
- Islamic Sciences and Jurisprudence.
- Sciences Political.
- Economic and administrative sciences.