Publication Process

The Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities uses a dual review system by evaluators to ensure the quality of published research. Research must be submitted through the journal’s online management system. The author must first register in the journal’s system and then submit the research. The researcher will be informed of the results of the research within a month through the journal’s online system.

The most important steps that must be followed in this regard are the following:

 - Submitting the research to the journal: The researcher responsible for correspondence sends the research through the Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Human Sciences system and through the system via the Internet.

- Editor-in-Chief’s evaluation: The editor-in-chief verifies that the research is suitable for publication in the journal and that the research is original and falls within the journal’s jurisdiction.

- Plagiarism test: Use the Turntin program to obtain the results of research plagiarism. If this percentage is less than 20%, the research is sent for evaluation. If the results of this test are more than that, the research is rejected, and work is underway to subscribe to this program.