Reviewer Responsibilities

Arbitration in scientific journals is a process of careful and detailed study and examination of research papers to determine whether these papers are suitable for publication or not. We can say that what matters most is judging the originality of the research presented and the extent of the impact of its results, its quality and its importance in all areas of life. Scientific and applied.

  • Review of the research by the arbitrators helps the editorial board to make the appropriate decision regarding the research, accepting or rejecting it after providing scientific material evidence regarding non-plagiarism or plagiarism.
  • The scientific reviewer must fully adhere to the regulations, standards and instructions of the journal.
  • The editorial board is committed not to reveal the names of the arbitrators.
  • It is necessary that the selected arbitrators notify the editorial board, in a timely manner, of their inability to arbitrate and their desire to withdraw from arbitration.
  • Reviewers must deal confidentially with the research sent to them for review, as well as all data related to the researcher or editors
  • Review must be supported by clear opinions and compelling scientific arguments and must be in accordance with the approved regulations and standards of the “Conditions of Publication” of the journal.
  • The reviewers must notify the head of the editorial board of the researcher’s non-compliance with the publishing standards in the journal.