Peer Review Process

Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities aims to adopt a scientific review policy for all research it receives and to notify researchers of the necessity of adhering to the instructions and guidelines for submitting research to the electronic journal platform. This is a very important matter for the Authority. The journal also aims to help authors meet the journal's publishing scope and scholarly standards for publication. This is considered crucial to establishing scientific research to enrich the humanities.

Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities is edited by emphasizing the originality of the research submitted to enrich the knowledge base of the humanities. All research is reviewed by members of the editorial board and the assistance of two external experts with precise expertise in the subject of the research is carried out, in addition to subjecting the research to a policy of non-plagiarism and linguistic auditing. The journal uses an anonymous reviewer/anonymous researcher review process to review research, and research is reviewed by the editorial board and two external experts. In addition to a plagiarism check and linguistic test.