Provisions of the autopsy of the dead at the front


  • Dr.Siham Ali Hussein University of Kufa - College of Jurisprudence
  • Hiba Abduljaleel Abdulhadi Al-Kafeel University



autopsy, rulings on corpses, sanctity of the dead, sanctity of likeness



Our research, tagged: (Provisions of the autopsy of the dead at the front) is summarized about some provisions of the autopsy of the dead body in the Imami jurisprudence. The research included the importance of autopsy in terms of knowing the causes of a person’s death, and with the development of technology and science, dissection of corpses for scientific or criminal purposes, the scholars of Islamic jurisprudence put forward provisions Especially on the autopsy of the body, they said that it is not permissible to dissect the body of a dead Muslim without having to do so, and that the one who does it owes a blood money. And that the autopsy is the disclosure, and to clarify the hidden thing, and that the autopsy of the dead is forbidden because it violates the sanctity of the dead. Autopsy is permissible in certain resources; This is due to the existence of certain justifications, such as necessity, based on the rule (necessity is estimated by its value), which is a rational rule that fits the ruling. It is not permissible to dissect a Muslim dead, but a non-Muslim or a non-Muslim whose Islam is suspected may be dissected and his organs cut off, and when there is no dead non-Muslim and the life of a Muslim or community depends on this dead For a Muslim, it is permissible to dissect and cut up a dead Muslim, only as much as is needed, and from the sources of the permissibility of autopsy are: medical autopsy for the sake of learning, autopsy for the purpose of knowing epidemiological and non-epidemic diseases, also autopsy for the purpose of investigating a felony. We received some narrations for inference.

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