African American and the Circumstances of the Cold War


  • Prof.Dr.Rabie Haider Al Musawe University of Kufa/College of Arts
  • Dr.Taghreed Jasim Atiyah University of Kufa/ College of Education for girls



Cold war, Afrecan Americans, Soviet Union, The civil rights movement, Harry Truman



The United States has seen internal changes as a reflection of natural conditions of the Cold War, accompanied by the growth of a middle class black and the appearance of the calls for the rights of African Americans , through parties and organizations, some of which were carrying communist ideas , sparking the ire of the US government, which met this violent confrontation and the liquidation of each of the suspect that carries the ideas of communism , which led to other attempts of black leaders to prove the safety of the US government's stance and hostility anyone who carries communist ideas. In pursuit of gaining rights as citizens of the first class .


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Prof.Dr.Rabie Haider Al Musawe, & Dr.Taghreed Jasim Atiyah. (2023). African American and the Circumstances of the Cold War. Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities, 2(32).