Urbanization And Its Role In Increasing The Phenomenon Of Urban Encroachment


  • Dr. Arkan Ali Al-Nasrawi University of Kufa/Faculty of Engineering
  • Zainab Jaafar Al-Khafaji University of Kufa/Faculty of Engineering




urbanization, urban encroachment



The phenomenon of rapid urbanization that witnessed by most cities of the world at the present time constitutes a heavy burden on the infrastructure and superstructure as well as all the city's resources and capabilities. This led to the inability of the institutions that provide services in to meet the growing needs of the population.

It is one of the demographic phenomena resulting from the natural increase of the population and migration from the countryside to the cities, which increased with the development of life in all fields. It is a global problem that many countries have tried to find a solution to by setting plans, policies and developmental programs that are in line with the requirements of the modern era. The aims at of the revealing the causes of urbanization that lead to an increase in the phenomenon of urban encroachment.


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Dr. Arkan Ali Al-Nasrawi, & Zainab Jaafar Al-Khafaji. (2023). Urbanization And Its Role In Increasing The Phenomenon Of Urban Encroachment. Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities, 2(32). https://doi.org/10.36327/ewjh.v2i32.13751