Names inscribed with pride and dignity (Translations of the biography of the Mujahid Abu Turab al-Hilali, deputy commander of Nineveh Operations)


  • Dr. Haitham Aqil Aweez Qadisiyah Education Directorate



Abu Turab Al-Hilali, Assistant Commander, Nineveh Operations


The history of Iraq has witnessed many battles throughout the historical ages, and the  distinctive thing about (Iraq) is that every war that passes through it is recorded in history, there are makers of martyrdom and heroes who take it upon themselves to defend the homeland and sacrifice the precious and precious for the land of this homeland.

In 2003, the system of government in Iraq moved from a republican system to a parliamentary system elected by the people, the political arena after the fall of the republican system witnessed sectarian conflicts and wars, until 2014 when Iraq was subjected to a brutal terrorist attack  known as the Islamic State (ISIS), an armed organization that follows the ideology of Salafi groups that believe in restoring the Islamic Caliphate.  And the application of Sharia, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 0 and this organization was able to extend its benefits and control a section of the northern provinces and western provinces, down to the outskirts of the capital Baghdad 0

What are a few days until a voice resounded that soothes with love for the homeland and awakens the conscience with the phrase (Jihad Al-Kafa'i), which was  issued on June 13, 2014 from the province of Najaf from the Supreme Ayatollah Grand Ayatollah Sayyid  Al-Husseini Al-Sistani (long as his  shadow) announced, and  announced by his representative Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai in the Friday sermon at Al-Haram Al-Husseini, calling for the fight against ISIS, which occupied most of the areas of northern and western Iraq, and as a result of which what is known as the Popular Mobilization Forces was formed, This fatwa represented an important turning point in the course of Iraqi events.

The fatwa is the size of life and young people intertwined their hands and hearts, indifferent only to respond to the call of reference to protect the homeland, has described the fatwa of jihad efficient fatwa Lord, which saved Iraqis, Arabs, Muslims and all people from the most dangerous epidemic in the history of mankind called terrorism, I have failed and failed all plans and calculations of the strongest countries of the world and the most unique and advanced in the technological aspect of the divine fatwa, which was received by the masses welcome,  Men of all ages, and sometimes families that included grandfather, son and grandson, raced to volunteer in defending the homeland, and as a result of the faith possessed by the fighter, he began to write the most wonderful jihadi epics until his title became frightening to the enemies.

 One of the results of the fatwa of jihad is the unity of Iraq and Iraqis with all their spectrums, races and wallets and the establishment of the holy popular mobilization, to which every Iraqi belonged, honest, sincere, life-loving and proud of humanity and its noble lofty values, regardless of the color of his race, and thus united the Iraqi people in all its spectrums, Sunni, Shiite, Arab, Turkmen, Kurdish, Muslim, Christian, Yazidi and Sabian in one cry.  This fatwa was an indescribable force, as it granted whoever answered this fatwa and belonged to the holy popular mobilization a spiritual and physical strength that we are unable to define. You may not believe an eighty-year-old person racing with the twenty-year-old in the field of war in the face of Wahhabi and confrontational dogs, shouting in their faces, ""This is humiliation from us, calling for a free and dignified life, saying that the task of a free person in life is to establish justice and remove injustice. Spreading light and dispeling darkness, otherwise he is not free. This is how Imam Ali taught us. And Imam Hussein, peace be upon them.

It has immortalized us a story that cannot be described by the most brilliant writers, and has  yielded us a national cohesion that brought together the sons  of the homeland from  north to south and united their word to begin the liberation  of Iraq, with the arms of  heroes engraved their names with the water of pride  and dignity, and from the constellation of these names Mujahid Abu Turab Al-Hilali 0


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