Bashar Al-Adhari’s yarn, an objective study


  • Dr. Hafez Al Mansouri University of Kufa / College of Arts



yarn, Bashar Al-Adhri


It was common among the old and modern literature students that Bashar bin Burd of the poets of the Khala'a in the Abbasid era and included his name in their list is in Majonah Kabi Nawas and Walih bin Al-Habab and Hussein bin Al-Dahhak and Rabia Al-Ruqi and others and they are in obscene and their chaste spinning and the poet was with them either to be obscene lewd in his spinning or to be chaste but they are the number of poets spinning in the first Abbasid era all of them are from the Khulaa who  do not care for the sanctity of women and do not hesitate  to declare With the charms of the body and the pleasure of instinct


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Dr. Hafez Al Mansouri, University of Kufa / College of Arts

دكتور في جامعة الكوفة / كلية الآداب / قسم اللغة العربية



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