The killing of Zubair in Jarir's poetry Investing the historical incident in satire


  • Dr. Hakim Habib Ezr Al-Kuraiti University of Kufa / College of Arts



The killing of Al-Zubayr, Jarir’s poetry, Arabic satire, the incident of Al-Zubayr, the Quraish tribe


The study focused on the ideals and human values that were found in Arab societies before Islam and after Islam and the historical consequences that followed this historical incident, either in the Umayyad era returned life to pre-Islamic fanaticism and became the circulation of genealogy in it, despite  the confirmation of  Islamic ethics to focus values and ideals of humanity that express brotherhood and rapprochement between Arab societies This incident took a human dimension addressed the attention of poets and writers in that era in the time of Jarir.


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Author Biography

Dr. Hakim Habib Ezr Al-Kuraiti, University of Kufa / College of Arts

دكتور في كلية الآداب / جامعة الكوفة



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Al-Kuraiti, H. (2013) “The killing of Zubair in Jarir’s poetry Investing the historical incident in satire”, Journal of Kufa Studies Center, 1(1), pp. 46–69. doi: 10.36322/jksc.v1i1.4758.

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