The British Daily News newspaper and its role in dealing with the most important political issues Under John Forster 1847-1870


  • Sadeq jaafar oudah Al saegh Mustansiriyah university College of Education



British Press, John Foster, Daily News, Liberal Newspapers


If the global press were to be measured based on its numbers issued in the nineteenth century and the extent of the influence of those newspapers on public opinion, at that time, with their different forms of daily or weekly periodicals, newspapers and magazines, then we may find that Britain is one of the countries most interested in journalistic work, And the expansion of the number of periodicals, and leadership in the science of journalism, so that its people along its eastern and western Atlantic possessions, and its areas of influence, may be among the most advanced peoples and attached to the issuance and follow-up of publications of every kind or kind, and with the fertile ground granted by the British government to practice journalistic work under the protection of the law Since the end of the seventeenth century, the English press has been granted freedom of expression and expression of opinion, and perhaps that is what most European countries lacked at the time, but this was not surprising for a people who were as passionate about reading as the British people. Perhaps also, the idea of having some newspapers opposing the policies of the British government seems strange to some European countries neighboring Britain or its possessions, but even some observers in this regard complain a lot about the provisions of the law that granted the English press freedom of expression, and to prove that, it is possible To say that the history of the British press is full of men who, with their heroic stances, made the features of the opposition press in the face of the government position at various levels, who chose to make a long part of their journalistic life in criticizing the policies of the British government and supporting ideas opposed to it, such as the editor-in-chief of the British Daily News John Foster, we will not go beyond the truth if we say that some academic sources were interested in presenting newspaper headlines and their content, without addressing the biography of journalistic personalities who took it upon themselves to analyze the political, economic and social event from different angles, so that this research cannot include them all, but as far as possible we follow the stations The basis for establishing the Daily News newspaper with its liberal character, through its editor-in-chief, John Foster, to clarify its clear image in the history of British journalism, as we will present his interlocutor in the introduction to this research.


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