Al-Ghalayini’s approach in the book Jami’ al-Durs al-Arabiyah


  • Hassan Abdulahi
  • Bdoor Jaafar





This research presents the efforts made by Al-Ghalayini in adopting a simplified approach to grammar in his book “Jami’ al-Durs al-Arabi.” He is one of the modern-day scholars who devoted his effort and knowledge to serving the “noble Alawite language,” as he described it. The goal of the research is to explain, first of all, the approaches that led to The aspect of the authors of grammar books and their influence on grammar books, the emergence of grammatical problems and the introduction of logic and philosophy that led to the difficulty and complexity of grammar, and highlighting the approach of Al-Ghalayini, who made great efforts in the process of facilitating grammar, far from complexity and distortion, and being satisfied with simple explanations and staying away from discussions that do not There is no point in it other than complexity, and then explaining the grammatical principles and how to condense the various evidence within a single issue, in consolidating the grammatical material and enriching the linguistic collection of the recipient, and then presenting the results, which showed that Al-Ghalayini had an easy and simple style in his book, and his approach in presenting the grammatical material and its effect in grammatical facilitation. Through the process of gradually presenting the grammatical material, and selecting the easiest and most accessible opinion from the grammar books. Keywords: Al-Ghalayini, method, grammar, facilitation, Arabic language.


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Abdulahi, Hassan, and Bdoor Jaafar. “Al-Ghalayini’s Approach in the Book Jami’ Al-Durs Al-Arabiyah”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 51, Sept. 2023, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i51.13479.

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