La mauvaise étoile dans Le Petit Chose D’Alphonse Daudet


  • Dr. Dania Nihad Abdeljalil University of Babylon - College of Arts



Bad luck, misery, for childhood, the disease, failure


In this article, we explore the life of Daniel Eset, a character from a novel called "The Little Thing" by the French writer Alphonse Doude. The focus is on his psychological life, as we conclude that he does not have any specific goals in life by having a weak personality. This problem is the result of several elements that we will raise through this work. The family in the novel witnesses extreme doom at the moment of baby Daniel's birth. Where the family falls into a state of great grief, including: a loss in trade, the outbreak of many fires in the factory, and other calamities that befell the family when this child arrived. These events led them to sell their house and leave the city in the province of Languedoc to reach the city of Lyon. The birth of that boy brought them many misfortunes. This young man is forced to leave the world of childhood to earn a living and face the hardships of life. Unfortunately, the curse haunts the little boy. He cannot become a mature man at the age of childhood. He does not have enough experience to face the difficulties of life. And because he didn't get enough education and enough affection to be a mature adult man.


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Abdeljalil, Dania. “La Mauvaise étoile Dans Le Petit Chose D’Alphonse Daudet”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 48, July 2021, pp. 567-84, doi:10.36317/kaj/2021/v1.i48.543.

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