Contents and artistic structure in Arif Al-Sheikh’s poetry


  • Behrouz Gurbanzadeh
  • Ali Shanawa Joan





Every poet has his own poetic contents and artistic construction. Given the importance of national and Islamic issues for the poet Arif Al-Sheikh, his national and religious concerns captured the poet’s mind, and he also used many rhetorical arts in drawing them, which distinguished him with his special artistic construction. Among the most prominent issues that the poet addressed in his poetic work were two basic issues. The first was the issue of deviation from the Islamic religion, and he advised returning to unity again. The second issue was confronting the forces of imperialism and colonialism in the Arab world and standing up to the colonial leaders and defeating them. Given the loftiness of the poet’s message, he realized the importance of building His artistic poetry aimed to capture the hearts of the recipients. In constructing his poetic images, the poet relied on various rhetorical arts and embodied his thoughts and feelings through various arts of rhetoric and creativity. The poet was one of the most creative poets in employing the poetic image within his artistic construction. Indeed, he had images that overflowed with astonishment and admiration, and among the most prominent The rhetorical arts that the poet adopted in formulating his artistic structure: simile and religious and literary intertextuality. This article attempts, through the descriptive and analytical approach, to briefly study the artistic structure and poetic contents of the poet Arif Al-Sheikh. It will focus on the main axes of his poetry, including adherence to the Islamic religion and Islamic unity, confronting the forces of colonialism and occupation, and calling for progress, development, and unity. It will reveal the most important arts that the poet used in Embodying his feelings and his artistic attempt to influence the hearts of the recipients


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Gurbanzadeh, Behrouz, and Ali Joan. “Contents and Artistic Structure in Arif Al-Sheikh’s Poetry”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 53, Sept. 2023, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i53.13500.

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