Analysis of jurisprudential principles The role of the religious task axis of the people in the Genesis of the Islamic Revolution of Iran


  • hamed kalayly Assistant Professor, Mazandaran University, Iran



Jurisprudence, , Islamic Revolution, religious task, jurisprudential principles


ry social change, like the revolution, is influenced by certain principles, The Iranian Revolution in 1978 as a very great social phenomenon of the century that was able to leave a great and astonishing impact on Iran and the world, It is no exception to this rule, so it can be said that the Islamic Revolution has various principles that include attention and need to be discussed. Given that the sense of duty of the Iranian people in the Islamic Revolution can Have secularist principles or benefit from religious principles, Therefore, Purpose of the research is to state that the common perception of the revolutionary people towards the concept of duty was influenced by jurisprudential principles.

In this article, after clarifying the general concepts, the jurisprudential principles of the role of task-oriented people in the realization of the Islamic Revolution are examined. The researcher, after a detailed study, concludes that reasons such as religious laws are forbidden to help the guilty, jurisprudential laws of expediency, jurisprudential laws of sanctity of non-Muslim domination over Muslims, religious rules, the necessity of blasphemy against the rule of infidels, jurisprudential laws The right to self-determination, the jurisprudential law of not harming others, and the reasons for inviting good deeds and not inviting bad deeds can be among the jurisprudential principles of the role-oriented role of the people in the realization of the revolution


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kalayly, hamed. “Analysis of Jurisprudential Principles The Role of the Religious Task Axis of the People in the Genesis of the Islamic Revolution of Iran”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 52, June 2022, pp. 217-38, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i52.3769.

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