Government pricing requirements from the perspective of Imami jurisprudence


  • Qasim Haidari Maram Jurisprudence Branch and Islamic Law Buildings - University of the Faithful, Ahwaz - Iran
  • Rahim Sayah Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Knowledge - Ahwaz Oil University - Iran
  • Abdolbari Javanmardzadeh Consultant Professor, Branch of Jurisprudence and Buildings of Islamic Law - Amir al-Momenin University Ahwaz - Iran



المراقبةpricing, building wisdom, keeping order, guiding Muslims, monitoring



regulations, government pricing of goods and services in abnormal conditions means that the increase in the prices of goods occurs for various reasons, including hardship, Muslim unrest, hoarding or lack of competition and monopoly in the market. And if the government cannot bring the market back to normal through other measures, it can set the price in such a way that it does not cause unfairness to the seller. Government pricing of goods and services in different situations has different rules and regulations from the Islamic point of view and a single version cannot be considered for all cases; Actually ,

There is a difference between the normal and abnormal conditions of the economy and the market in how the ruling society of the Islamic society takes the pricing decision, and it cannot be judged that Islam is for or against the free market and free pricing. Without careful study of various sources. This article concludes, in a descriptive and analytical manner, and with reference to the literature of Imami jurisprudence and Sunni jurisprudence, by quoting the construction of al-Hakim and confirming it according to some general rules. That is, the rule of maintaining order, the rule of cooperation, the rule of trust and the rule of benevolence, the ruler (the government) in the normal conditions of the market can also set the prices of goods and services of people for more. Control and control of the market.



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Maram, Qasem, et al. “ Government Pricing Requirements from the Perspective of Imami Jurisprudence”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 52, June 2022, pp. 41-60, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i52.3723.

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