The British landing in Kuwait in1961 and its repercussions


  • Miqhdam Abdul-Hesen Al-Fayadh University of Kufa - College of Education for girls
  • Marwa Abdul-Jabbar Mutlaqh University of Kufa - College of Education for girls



Brigadier Horsford, League of Arab, Abd Al-Karim Qasim



The research tagged (the British landing in Kuwait and its repercussions) focuses on the British position

As a result of the declaration of the Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Karim Qasim’s claim to Kuwait through

The conference held on June 25, 1961 AD, following the cancellation of the British-Kuwaiti protectorate treaty

AD in accordance with the year 1899 AD, and the declaration of Kuwait as an independent state on June 19, 1961 according to the British agreement

Kuwaiti based on close friendship as they put it, and the readiness of Her Majesty's government to

Provide assistance to Kuwait if requested

Firstly, in addition, the British position had an effective impact on the escalation of the situation

each according to what his own interests require, and work to deter the Iraqi claim to Kuwait.

A number of results have been reached, including the British authorities' efforts to remove it

Every attempt aimed at returning Kuwait to Iraq, as I was considered the best supporter and supporter of the rulers of Kuwait, All

Throughout the years of the twentieth century, although the Iraqi claim to Kuwait did not exceed the side Media.

A number of various Arabized and Arabized sources and references were relied upon, which included the research

With important parameters, foremost of which comes the book (Kuwait Crisis) by Martha Ducasse, which is a study Authentic to Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations 1961-1963

M, and Iraqi newspapers formed a source

Primarily (the revolution, the news, the country), as well as a number of research axes, the most important of which are Foreign newspapers among them  (Birmingham Daily Post, Belfast telegraph).


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