The financial expenses of the Ayyubids in Yemen


  • The financial expenses of the Ayyubids in Yemen Diyala University / College of Basic Education



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For the establishment and continuation of any state, there must be a house of money or financial resources that feed and develop it and enable it to stand in front of the difficulties it faces, especially if this state is living in a state of permanent war that imposes on it a lot of expenses and costs of fighting.                                                                                                                   

  The treasury house was the one that joined people's economic life, as it was taking the place of the ministries of finance and economy at the present time, as there was a comprehensive statement of the various sources of revenue, and another statement of all kinds of state expenditures.

   It is noted in this treasury that the revenues were not all in cash, as is the case today, but rather they were diverse, including the types of yields, agricultural crops, weapons, clothing, etc., as varied in the Ayyubid era, the financial resources of Yemen, and just as those resources were numerous, the banks of these resources It was also numerous, as it varied for the face of spending, and each type of financial resources had its specific aspects of disbursement, as it was spent in favor of many faces and different interests. As for the second topic, we dealt with spending on religious and civil facilities.


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