Feasibility study for a project to establish a rehabilitation and educational complex for the treatment of autism spectrum patients in Najaf Governorate


  • Salam eabd alrahman alabrahimi unversity of kufa, Faculty of Administration and Economics
  • Zahra hayder eadena aljazayiriu unversity of kufa, Faculty of Administration and Economics




Feasibility study, autism spectrum


The economic feasibility study has received great attention in the countries of the world as it is considered the main key to the success of projects and the optimal use of available economic resources. From this point of view, the project owner initiated the establishment of a feasibility study for the proposed project based on the principle of the beloved country’s lack of healthy projects Treating autism spectrum patients according to the American system that the idea of ​​the project is to establish a medical complex to rehabilitate and educate patients with autism spectrum, hyperactivity and attention deficit on an integrated and distinct level in the province of Najaf The main purpose of the project is to provide a complex for the treatment of children in particular And that Najaf governorate lacks the presence of medical devices to treat the disorder at the governmental level, but at the private level, the Medical Al-Irtiqaa Complex for Medical Specializations is the only complex in Iraq that initiated the introduction of the international devices represented by the American program (save program), where it follows the protocol Special for the treatment of autism spectrum, hyperactivity, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As for the rest of the private schools and institutes, they work to educate and prepare children without the full ability to treat. Thus, autistic children face difficulty in adapting to the external environment due to the weak capabilities available in Najaf at the private level and in Iraq at the public level. The global American program is available in a few countries of the Arab world, where it is available in the Arab state of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Turkey, and for the first time in Iraq. Therefore, the project that will address the research is one of the important and private projects as it reduces the financial costs and the trouble that individuals incur to travel outside the country for treatment that The establishment of the project entails a financial profit for the owner of the project represented by revenues and social profits represented by the provision of medical service to individuals in addition to the employment of labor that most Countries seek to establish projects by preparing feasibility studies, because they are considered the basis for each project, as the purpose of this thesis is how to establish a medical project specialized in treating autism spectrum disorder, which has become the disease of the age and is killing our children, the children of Iraq, and by searching for a group of study samples For the purpose of reaching medical results and identifying the most important medical centers In the Najaf governorate, the centers available in the governorate were visited (Al-Istiqa’ Complex for Medical Specializations, Doves Al-Salam National Schools, Imam Hussein Autism Institute / Al-Najaf Branch, the psychological unit of the Najaf Health Department). The medical complex is the first medical complex that has achieved tangible results within short periods of time because it has a modern and advanced program for the treatment of autism spectrum, as it has medical devices of American origin and an advanced educational program.


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alabrahimi, S. eabd alrahman and aljazayiriu, Z. hayder eadena (2022) “Feasibility study for a project to establish a rehabilitation and educational complex for the treatment of autism spectrum patients in Najaf Governorate”, Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 18(3), pp. 129–148. doi: 10.36325/ghjec.v18i3.13987.

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