Analytical Study of Foreign Trade According to the perspective of the Resistant Economy in Iraq


  • Hamza Hassanein Abdel Moneim Al-Hakim Al-Mustafa University, Faculty of Administration and Economics, Iran
  • Rahman Hassan Ali Al-Mousawi AL-Furat AL-Awsat Technical University, Management Technical College / Kufa
  • Mustafa Al-Kazemi Najafabad The seminary and university research center



foreign trade, resistant economy, Iraqi economy, goods and services


This study can be summed up by the importance of its variables (foreign trade and the economy of resistance) and its main question of (what is the analytical study of foreign trade according to the perspective of the economy of resistance in Iraq) to address an important economic problem that the Iraqi economy suffers from, represented by economic dependency, and given the importance of studies in this field and the scarcity of adoption The theory of the resistance economy and its practices in the Iraqi economy in general and the foreign trade sector in particular. In order not to lose benefit from its data, this study came up with an important hypothesis by investigating the dimensions of the analytical study of foreign trade according to the perspective of the resistance economy in an attempt to find theoretical and practical explanations for the implications of this study on the effectiveness of foreign policy. On the one hand, and the sustainability of the creative and innovative development capacity of the Iraqi economy on the other hand, as the creativity and development aspect focused on explaining the analytical study of foreign trade, describing the resistant economy, and demonstrating the availability of requirements and capabilities and all related procedures for accessing foreign trade according to the perspective of the resistant economy in Iraq, activating the country’s self-reliance in order to find a suitable basis for subsequent studies in this field, and demonstrating the extent of the possibilities of this analytical study in the Iraqi economy to confront external challenges to the foreign trade sector in Iraq; Because of the influential freedoms it faces with clear exploitative dimensions, the study starts from hypotheses based on the theoretical side supported by the analytical side of foreign trade data, and the analytical study of foreign trade according to the principle of economic jihad is closely linked to the resistance economy. The most prominent results reached by the researcher: presenting a new and rare concept represented by the resistance economy. What it is, along with reviewing the most important related and important strategies in foreign trade, describing foreign trade as an important tool for achieving economic growth. Hence, it is necessary to benefit from this role played by foreign trade by adopting ambiguous trade policies that enable it to benefit from trade as a leading sector for industrial development according to the resistance approach and rely on the country’s own economy. Being the perfect solution. The researcher came up with a set of strategies that suit the economic situation of Iraq after 2003 and established the optimal pattern for studying the analysis of Iraq’s trade according to the theory of the resistance economy through the principles of Islamic economics and applying the most important institutional reforms for this pattern and the most important policies necessary for it. The results indicate that the Iraqi economy, economic experts and owners must The decision in this regard is the necessity of investing the huge natural resources granted by God, secure and effective human resources, scientific capabilities, changing methods, and continuous reform and improvement in local programs. It can be said that Iraq, with what it possesses, is capable of adopting the resistance economy approach in foreign trade in the field of goods and services, and this ideal model will provide the Iraqi economy with unprecedented capabilities and opportunities to establish economic development and then achieve the resistance economy in order to reduce the severity of other challenges, and this is what It is discussed in the theoretical investigations and the analytical aspect of the study.


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Al-Hakim, H. H. A. M., Al-Mousawi, R. H. A. and Najafabad, M. A.-K. (2023) “Analytical Study of Foreign Trade According to the perspective of the Resistant Economy in Iraq”, Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 19(1), pp. 13–38. doi: 10.36325/ghjec.v19i1.14094.

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