Dissimulation and hypocrisy in religious teachings by emphasis on Friqin Interpretations (replying claims on equaling dissimulation and hypocrisy)


  • Zaynab Mozaffari
  • Hassan Shakoori






Abstract Dissimulation is a common rational practice among people for which one can find many instances in Islam history. Dissimulation is a shield to save Muslims’ life which is always recommended by Ahl Al-Bayt. In present research, the opinions of Friqin’s (sects’) scientists on dissimulation are studied in a descriptive – analytical and comparative approach and its semantic differences with hypocrisy are clarified. To share Friqin’s views, the legitimacy of dreading dissimulation is used as a lingual agreement in the time of Muslims’ weakness. Dissimulation uniqueness in such cases has yielded to decline dissimulation status in the level of personal positioning in the time of feeling danger. Hence, in addition to the reason of “emergence”, Shiite scientists have mentioned “the necessity and reaching the most important expedience” as the reason of dissimulation. It has caused that Shiite is accused of hypocrisy. In present paper, by studying the concept of dissimulation and hypocrisy and clarifying its Holy Quran implications, one can conclude that their impacts, outcomes, goals and motives are separated and one can consider dissimulation equal with hypocrisy and accuse Shiite of hypocrisy.  


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Mozaffari , Zaynab, and Hassan Shakoori. “ Dissimulation and Hypocrisy in Religious Teachings by Emphasis on Friqin Interpretations (replying Claims on Equaling Dissimulation and Hypocrisy)”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 52, Sept. 2023, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i52.13487.