A vision of the seal of prophecy from the perspective of contemporary Islamic thought


  • The teacher, Dr. Hossam Ali Hassan Al-Obeidi Al-Kafeel University - Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf




Quranic expression, Seal of prophecy, Islamic thought, Purgatory, Muhammad Iqbal


The finality of prophethood and the message and its cessation after the prophethood of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace) and that his law is the finality of the laws is one of the necessities of the Islamic belief in which no two Muslims differ. The different life in the modern era has emerged the need to answer questions that come to mind with urgency, such as: With this civilizational change and the massive development taking place at different levels, weren't human societies in dire need of divine revelation again? This research attempts to provide a new vision in the seal of prophecy based mainly on Motahhari's vision after mentioning important premises for understanding Khatamiism, and adding a statement that explains the nature of maturity and integration of the human race, as it is no secret that recognizing the occurrence of evolution and the integrative march of all mankind is not sufficient alone to provide an accurate understanding of wisdom in The interruption and sealing of the prophecy, but it is necessary to know the nature of the maturity that humanity has reached, and this is the crux of the issue and its foundation, and we can say that the pillar of this vision that the research tried to present is the interpretation of human maturity and integration as an integration in the realization of the practical mind of the human kind and achieved in its fullest and most complete credibility, the most honorable Messenger ()


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Al-Obeidi, Hossam. “A Vision of the Seal of Prophecy from the Perspective of Contemporary Islamic Thought”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 49, Oct. 2021, pp. 361-82, doi:10.36317/kaj/2021/v1.i49.1606.

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