The Rhythmic Structures in (Tasli Al-Ma’aenat) by (Rahman Gharkan)


  • Ibtisam Muhammad Nayef Al-Qadisiyah University - College of Education



You pray, minarets, to rhythm, rhyming, Repetition


This research seeks to read the rhythmic structure in an Iraqi poetic experience through one poetic group, which is (The Minarets Pray) by the poet (Rahman Gharkan). Poetic Rhythm) to clarify the term Rhythm, which is difficult to define despite the many definitions of the ancients and contemporaries of it, even when Rhythm became a science independent of the sciences in our contemporary cultural life. As for the poetic rhythm, it is a type of rhythm. The research traces its models in the poetic texts that this research reads, a group of which are (the minarets pray) in this axis to what distinguishes the poetic rhythm in particular from the rhythm in general. The research works on clarifying it as a term, then its rhythmic data in the texts of the poetic group. Then he concludes the results of the rhythmic structures in the aforementioned poetic group.


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Nayef, Ibtisam. “The Rhythmic Structures in (Tasli Al-Ma’aenat) by (Rahman Gharkan)”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 50, Dec. 2021, pp. 459-86, doi:10.36317/kaj/2021/v1.i50.1903.

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