Tools and motives of fifth generation wars


  • The teacher, Dr. Amir Najm Abboud The Islamic University of Najaf - Faculty of Mass Communication



wars, Informational, networks, Fifth generation, Tools


The topic of research (tools and motives of fifth generation warfare) is of great importance, due to the novelty of this term, as well as the development that occurred at the level of the means used in this type of warfare, and it seems that the main pillar is the flow of information or its preservation, whether it is on The economic level, the security level, the military level, or the political level, if it depends on who owns the information, maintains it, or penetrates it to a large extent, at the same time. Infiltration of societies, by exploiting the economic and political requirements of these peoples towards their ruling regimes, plays an important role in fifth generation wars, and this is an effective means, as the initiating party avoids many losses. In addition, some armed groups such as terrorist groups and others, or external groups may use About the law, such as drug dealers, and sometimes some direct qualitative military operations are used, in which highly developed weapons are used. Perhaps the most prominent motives of the fifth generation wars are represented in controlling the opponent and achieving the conditions of the victorious party, or perhaps the dismantling of some political units in order to achieve the interests of certain parties, through cultural, political and economic breakthroughs, especially in societies that suffer from ethnic, religious or national division, which helps All this revolution in technological progress, which has had effects on the cultures of local peoples, as it has become easy to penetrate the sovereign borders of states, through the globalization of multiple means of communication (social media), through which the peoples of the world have been briefed on most of the cultures and systems of government.


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