Persian Literature in the World literature


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Persian Literature in the World literature


The subject of the present research is in the field of comparative
literature. It aims at studying and analyzing the effect of Persian
literature, especially Maulana’s works, on the authors, thinkers, and
translators. In the present study, it is attempted to know the great English
and American literary figures who have provided outstanding works
through translation or adaptation and they have played a great role in
knowing the Persian literature and making it known in the Englishspeaking
Maulana is the well-known Iranian poet and mystic of the seventh
century hegira. He is mostly known for his mystic poems. He is indeed
one of the great Sufi poets. His simple and appealing words are
associated with a fervent love and zeal. His soft language and charming
words arising from his broken heart express the mystic facts in a special
way. His view toward allegories and mentioning different parables and
tales while expressing a mystic subject has simplified the intentions of
the khanqah’s hermits for the ordinary people(1).


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