Poetics (spectrum) between pre-Islamic times and Islam


  • عباس محمد رضا




بين الجاهلية والإسلام


By that I mean the change that occurred in the introduction to the poem in the poetry of early Islam compared to what it was in pre-Islamic poetry. And by the spectrum I mean exclusively (the introduction to the spectrum), and I will pay attention to it, because it is few compared to the other introductions (1), and because it has not received much attention from scholars of the poetry of early Islam, even though Whatever references were made to it (2), we will discuss it in detail. Then we have our way of interpreting it, by describing the spectrum as a transition from one world to another that is different (3) in its nature and time (internally) in terms of reality and imagination and in terms of the present and the past. This (internal) is influenced by the (external) which is represented by the nature of the circumstances of the two eras. The two poetry have meaning, spirit, and soul.
In order to determine the development of the introduction to the spectrum in the poetry of early Islam, we must look at its condition in pre-Islamic poetry to identify its most important elements and characteristics, and then balance them with the changes that will be found in them in the poetry of early Islam.


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