Analysis of the literary discourse in the sermon of ghosts


  • sudah muradian قسم اللغة العربیة وآدابها بجامعة آزاد الإسلامیة – قم – ایران
  • muhamad jantay fara قسم اللغة العربیة وآدابها بجامعة آزاد الإسلامیة – قم - ایران
  • muhamad hasan maesumy قسم اللغة العربیة وآدابها بجامعة آزاد الإسلامیة – قم - ایران



تحليل الخطاب, الخطاب الأدبي, - نهج البلاغة, الإمام علي (), خطبة الأشباح.


The speech generally refers to the language texture in the steps above the sentence. Speech analysis is one of the literary analytical tools that examine the relationship between discourse structures and societal control over discourse production. The analysis of literary discourse as a discourse analysis examines and criticizes literary texts by linguistic and linguistic structures and coordinates them with situational context. Al-Balajah has always been an analysis of scholars as a collection of texts that are less than the Koran and beyond the human language, but one of the important features of the rhetoric approach is the nature of the literary discourse that seems to have been studied less. While part of the beauty of the words of Imam (p) relates to the relationship between the literary tools of the text and its apparent texture. This study seeks to descriptive - the analytical and analytical perspective of literary discourse to study one of the speeches of the famous rhetoric of the phantoms of the sermon there and attempted that the literary discourse of the sermon on the basis of proportionality and interrelationship between different context structures and analysis and texture mode. All of this research shows that the discourse structures from the outer structure include the vocal level, grammatical level, level of financial intermediation and internal structure, including content and speech emotions, proportionate and consistent with the situational context of the public questions about God, seeking to stimulate the emotions of the public is awakening of sleep.


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muradian, sudah, et al. “Analysis of the Literary Discourse in the Sermon of Ghosts”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 39, Aug. 2021, pp. 409-32, doi:10.36317/kaj/2019/v1.i39.792.

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