The anecdotal repercussions in the Quranic text


  • The anecdotal repercussions in the Quranic text The General Directorate of Education of Al- Qadisiyah Governorate



التداعي الحكائيّ المقاليّ, اللفظيّ, الصّوتيّ, التّركيبيّ, التداعي الحكائيّ المقاميّ, الحكاية المثليّة, أحداث خارجيّة معيشة بالحسّ والمشاهدة



The Qur’anic text included two types of association, the first (free) repercussions achieved by the missionary and prophetic communication of the events of the divine will, while the second is (constrained) by the events of the human will. The semantic type, as for the second type, was embodied in the parable discourse (narrative) in sensuous, lived and imagined events that are supposed to occur. Among these repercussions is what was mentioned in the style of the human missionary discourse, which leads - in the whole of the Holy Qur’an - to the regression of the events of the party of the human discourse due to the deterioration of its means of argument. Including the Christians’ attempt to despise the Messenger of God (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family). The finite in the human soul, which is contained according to other perceptible events in the worldly life in the hereafter, conjectural events based on uncontrolled human interpretation embodied an important aspect of these repercussions, especially in the story of the people of the cave


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