Deleting zeros from the Iraqi dinar... Experiences and expectations


  • Raad Hamoud Abdel Hussein Tawij Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Technologies / Kufa



Delete zeros, Iraqi dinar


Our research started with its basic idea related to deleting zeros from the Iraqi dinar, as a result of a real need in the Iraqi monetary system, as a result of the significant decrease in the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar, which is incompatible with the strength of the Iraqi economy, with the presence of enormous oil wealth, and the possibility of accumulating large cash reserves , with the rise in oil prices for a country that is the second oil producer in OPEC, and that these factors are a source of an economy that has enhanced elements for development, which calls for possessing a currency worthy of being reflective of the strength of this economy that has scattered successive wars and various crises from the value of the Iraqi dinar, which was Decades ago, many currencies of neighboring countries outperformed in its value, and that restoring the Iraqi dinar needs bold measures in deleting the zeros from the Iraqi dinar to restore its value, and to give a clear picture of the underlying forces and the lever of the Iraqi economy, by adopting studied and planned steps and monetary transformations in safe conditions.


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Tawij, R. H. A. H. (2022) “Deleting zeros from the Iraqi dinar. Experiences and expectations”, Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 18(2), pp. 159–176. doi: 10.36325/ghjec.v18i2.13838.

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