The political and security repercussions of the foreign presence in Iraq and the regional region


  • Prof. Dr. Ishaq Yaqoub Al-Moussawi University of Kufa / College of Political Sciences
  • Researcher Fatima Kamel Abbas University of Kufa / College of Political Sciences



Political and security repercussions, foreign presence, Iraq, the regional region


With the end of the cold war in1991 international relations turned into the only dominant pole the united states launched a war on iraq for declared reasons and objectives and another unannounced it became clear with the beginning of the second millennium with the announcement of the united states another war on iraq and it's accupation accroding to it's policy aimed at perpetuaing it's military presence in the regional region and iraq in particular these two warsw had a serious consequences and repercussions it's impact was not limited to iraq only but also including the entire arab region and the neighboring countries in addition these repercussions varied and their levels varied between political and affected the structure of political systems with change or what constituted threats to the people and security of the region.


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-روبرت سبرينغبورغ ،المساعدة الامنيه في الشرق الأوسط ، مركز مالكوم كارنيغي ،2020

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-مجلة الرافدين للحقوق ،المجلد 18 ،العدد63،2020

-مجلة فورن بوليسي الامريكية

-البرنامج النووي الإيراني

-الأمم المتحدة ، القرار 103، 1981 ، المادة244 ، القرار 25226



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