Indicators of Biophilia and Its Impact on Human Relationship with Natural Environment


  • Louay Taha Al Mulla Howish University of Baghdad / Center for Urban and Regional Planning
  • Researcher Russell Sami Kazem University of Baghdad / Higher Institute for Accounting and Financial Studies



Biophilia, Man, Natural Environment, Impact Study


With the continuation of our cities today in the processes of urbanization and the negative effects it causes on the quality of life of societies, it has become necessary to reconsider improving the health and cognitive status of the individual and providing environments with healthy spaces, both living and recreational, and even work environments with less stress and greater health returns. To achieve this, it can be The inclusion of natural features in the structuring of urban areas, and therefore the study tries to touch on the concept of Biophilia and the statement of the most important concepts and theories related to the concept, to show that the concept of Biophilia depends on the relationship between the concepts of perception and the natural environment spatially. They are subjective indicators that can be achieved and measured by translating them spatially.


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howish, L. and Kazem, R. (2022) “Indicators of Biophilia and Its Impact on Human Relationship with Natural Environment”, Journal of Kufa Studies Center, 1(65), pp. 245–280. doi: 10.36322/jksc.v1i65.9739.

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