Classification of agricultural crop productivity in Najaf Governorate


  • Shamkhi Faisal Yasser Al-Asadi University of Kufa- College of Arts
  • Methak Shakir Salman Al-Mayali Directorate of Education Qadisiyah



classification, , productivity, crops, agricultural, province, Najaf


This research aims to study the spatial variation in the productivity of agricultural land in addition to the classification of agricultural land productivity in the province of Najaf by classifying the administrative units according to the productive merit of the winter and summer field crops during the period (2018-2019) and measuring the productivity efficiency of the agricultural yield of the centers and suburbs of Najaf Governorate, from During the classification of the cultivated land area according to the productive yield of agricultural crops. As it is used in identifying the best productive areas for each crop. The study of the spatial variation in the productivity of agricultural land in Najaf Governorate has also been studied, as its data were classified into (4 ranks) on the basis of administrative units. The most important findings of the research were the arrangement of the administrative units within the productive groups from the first to the fourth category, according to the productive merit of agricultural crops in the province of Najaf. Consequently, clarifying the spatial variation in the productivity of each crop according to the administrative units and indicating the most important reasons for that variation, in order to benefit from it in identifying the best production areas for each crop. And that the agricultural development process needs an accurate data hall for the advancement of agricultural reality and access to it in Najaf Governorate, so this goal should be achieved by identifying the problem and finding solutions to it.


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Al-Asadi, Shamkhi, and Methak Al-Mayali. “Classification of Agricultural Crop Productivity in Najaf Governorate”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 56, June 2023, pp. 382-14, doi:10.36317/kaj/2023/v1.i56.11584.

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